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A tablet pc is what you can term as a 'mobile computer', as it supplies an user most operations that are able to get done on the computer, even though it is a bit smaller in dimensions, however it is larger in dimensions than a cellular phone, or the PDA. It's a portable device with touch screen, which could be ranging from 5 to 10 inches in proportions. You are able to play games, watch movies and browse the web just as one can do with the computer.

According to manufacturers and developers of the device, the fast growth of the use of internet on the mobile phone and also the use of touch screens gave reason for the development of this new device. Many have said it to be somewhere between the laptop and smart phones, as there was a void there that needed to be filled, and the tablet computer did just that.
It would not be wise to buy this device instead of a laptop because there are some things that it does not allow one to do, for example it does not have a keyboard on it , and hence doing a lot of typing work on it would turn out to be most inconveniencing. There are also limitations to the sort of software you could install into it. They however work very well when it comes to entertainment, and for reading eBooks. It is however being said that improvements will be made to the device so as to get consumers unhooked from the PC.
When it comes to portability, there is no doubt that the tablet carries the day as compared to the laptop. This is what many developers are saying would prompt the use of the tablet to go way past just the current casual sense that it is currently being seen under. It is being sad that many applications would work better on the tablet than the laptop due to the bulky nature of the laptop; however, pundits are saying that that is why people have smart phones. The tablets are also quite delicate and rigorous use could lead to it getting damaged. The tablets thus have to be made to be sturdier than they currently are. However, these devices are important to revolutionizing the way that we communicate. With they way technology changes it makes me wonder what computers will we be using in the future?
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All About Tablet PC

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This article was published on 2011/04/09