Create Your Own Tablet Case and Cover

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A very important reason for people to equip a case or cover for their tablets is that they want their gadget to be unique, but here is a problem, the manufacturers won't only make one copy for each model, so the conclusion is, you still can't confirm you are definitely unique in the world.

But where there is a demand, there is a market. The business man will try every method to meet customer's demand, so the tablet case customization servie emerged as the time requires.

There are many websites offering this kind of service, as Ezinemark doesn's allow we authors to say the brand name for avoding the spam suspicion, so I can't tell you the exact names of those websites. Just search "customize tablet case" you can get them.

As a whole, there are 4 elements you can choose to personlize your tablet case. 

1. Material

First is the material as it is the foundation of the entire case, you can choose wool, neoprene, leather(genuine and synthetic), and microfiber. Generally speaking the genuine is the most expensive material and the synthetic leather and microfiber are cheaper. Neoprene and microfiber are very easy to clean them up, wool is a bit troublesome.

2. Color

The most classical and pratical choice is black, as black will never be out of date and this is the most stain-resistant color. Grey and silver are also your choice as they feel like technology. And for girls, they will choose those spotlighting color such as red, pink, green, yellow, etc.

3. Pattern

Many cases are away from patterns, most of them are designed for men. As for girls, pattern is the most important way to be unque from other gadgets and cases. Someone chooses scenary or portrait photography, some chooses abstract patterns, some chooses cute cartoon pattern, and some chooses stripes. You can choose what you like as you want as long as it looks nice.

4. How it protect

The most secure method to protect your tablet is a totally-enclosed zipper, then is a strong magnet, but attention, if the manufacturer mishandle the magnet, it may cause the disability of some compass apps. And there are many cases protect your tablet with stripes and button.

I guess you are boring about these vapid sentences, here are the coolest personlized tablet cases list.

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Create Your Own Tablet Case and Cover

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Create Your Own Tablet Case and Cover

This article was published on 2013/03/08