Intel will share cakes with apple on the netbook market

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Intel will share cakes with apple on the netbook market, recently intel had stated that its newest Atom chip for tablets than the company rolled out its next-gen "Cedar Trail" Atom processor due in Netbooks this season. The chipmaker brandished new Netbooks based on the next-generation Atom processor and touted its tablet strategy at a developer conference in China.


This so called Cedar Trail Netbooks will be more "quieter, thinner, lighter than current Netbooks," said Doug Davis, general manager of the Netbook and tablet group at Intel. what's more, he also showed off a future Cedar Trail Netbook and an Intel Classmate PC that will use the future Atom chip. The event was streamed over the Web quickly.


Davis also mentioned that Intel has shipped 90 million processors into the Netbook segment to date, which means Apple still has to ship tens of million more iPads to even begin to catch up to Netbook numbers. This hints that Intel will share cakes with apple on the netbook market.


Other Cedar Trail goodies include improved "frequency" (speed), enhanced graphics silicon, and cooler running chips--the latter he characterized in techno-speak as a "50 percent lower thermal design point."


All of this will be done on Intel's 32-nanometer manufacturing process. Currently, Atom processors are built on an older 45-nanometer process.


Davis also had a lot to say about tablets and said the chipmaker is investing in the tablet-specific user experience in China, dubbed the "PRC Plus Experience."


He cited the results of a survey in China showing that 41 percent of respondents had an extreme interest in purchasing a tablet in the next year, an interest level considerably than the U.S., according to Davis.


Last time we had analysis that apple almost had the whole tablet pc market, and now intel want to get just a small cake on this market. Whether it will successed or not depends on the repsone of the customer after this new tablet launched in the market.


Ok, this tablet will be on our eyes just on this season. Can't wait to have a look at this tablet pc and just experience this new things.



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Intel will share cakes with apple on the netbook market

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This article was published on 2011/04/14