Top 5 Tablets From Ces 2011

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The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada saw a roll out of a number of innovative new technologies. There, among the stars of the show, were the newest tablets. These devices garnered much attention for their exciting new designs and features, and promise that 2011 will truly be the year that the Tablet takes over.

It seems everyone was talking about the new line of tablets that will make computing more mobile than it's ever been. Now it's going to be even easier to update your Facebook status, send a Tweet or check your emails. The CES Show floor was buzzing with talk of tablets that can now video chat and conference at the speed of 4G.

Here are some of the tablets you'll want to keep on your radar next time you're out shopping for one. This year promises to be a stellar one for the tablet PC industry.

Motorola Xoom

This tablet by cell phone giant Motorola will be the very first to run Android Honeycomb 3.0. Honeycomb is designed to especially run on tablet computers. It won the Best in Show award and features a 10 inch screen and a Tegra 2 processor. Verizon will carry the 3G version of the Xoom as it rolls out in 2011 and a 4G upgrade will be due out late spring.

Asus Eee Pad MeMo

At just 7 inches tall, this tablet doubles as a phone. So forget about carrying two devices. That is so yesterday! The tablet garnered attention at the show for its Media Note app which will allow users to write notes and also include media such as video or photos in them.

Dell Streak 7

T-Mobile will launch this 4G beauty. It will run Android 2.2 and can handle all your video chatting needs. It's also got both front and rear cameras. You can do all your social networking and link up to five devices to it. Dell promotes it as "small enough to carry around, big enough to gather around."

BlackBerry PlayBook

Your BlackBerry can now share with your PlayBook. You can grab your email, calendar and Messenger from this 7 inch device. It's got Flash support and will run on its own operating system just for the tablet.

Vizio Via Tablet

Not just a television company any more, Vizio has now splashed on the scene with its 8 inch tablet. GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi come standard as does an HDMI port for HD displays. You can also video chat from the tablet.
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Top 5 Tablets From Ces 2011

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This article was published on 2011/02/05